Attended IMEX last week for the first time. Wasn't sure what to expect but wanted to get a feel for the that part of the industry. It seems there are three components to the show... Destination cities and countries, hotel chains and Destination management companies. The attendees seemed to be mostly corporate meeting planners that are looking for destinations for their meetings.

For us, a producer of live events that includes AV and video content, there was not much to see. A few LED walls and monitors with not much content. Of course to me, they could do so much more with video. But it was very interesting to see how Meeting Planners find their locations and how much work they need to do to sift through all of the variables. Even my city of Santa Monica had a booth there.

What was most interesting to me was on the outer edges of the big booths. I always find the small businesses more interesting anyway. Some are practically working out of their suitcases. In this case it is the apps... apps for planning your meeting, apps for polling you meeting, apps for making your meeting more engaging. Great tools for the new generation that can probably plan a meeting in a foreign country with their phone.


Do you think Meeting Planners could use an app that helps them with their AV and content needs? Maybe one that helps them with questions regarding power and ceiling heights? Mmmm...

All in all, it was good show to attend - jim

(Especially the LED blinking drinks!)