In his first step to improve production productivity through new apps and online tools,

VP of Production Matthew Goalen is incorporating Podio into the Goalen Group production flow on all new projects. 

Podio is a new online tool that is first and for most a collaboration tool. You create a project, add your team members and then link your content. You can also include your client’s team members simply by inviting them. (Clients are added at no extra charge)

By getting all elements related to a job on one page, instantly makes collaboration easier. You can attach files, view the status and add comments and everything's updated in real time.

Project Teams

For our industry, event and video production has changed dramatically from the days of large in-house staffs. For us, the most effective model is

-      A core management team of a creative director, producer and technical director;

-      Best of industry key positions on a project basis;

-      Local suppliers and support labor.

That means our team rarely meets in the same place until show site. Add to that a busy client team and their other support vendors and you have a large disparate group. 

Podio has designed workspaces that bring your team and processes together – enabling more streamlined communication and dramatically reducing internal email.

Podio works seamlessly with many of the most popular file-sharing services, customer support products and marketing tools – to be the platform that ties all your team’s work together.


When clients tighten budgets, they usually don’t want to cut the deliverables. So to stay competitive, you either cut your margins or you cut your quality, neither a good long-term strategy. Taking a cue from some of our manufacturing clients, a third option is to improve your productivity through streamlining your processes. 

For our networked teams, file sharing is the low hanging fruit for improving productivity. Sending large files, managing versions, and tracking client changes can be the biggest logjam both in pre-production and on-site.

Once your project is on Podio, elements are easy to find and available wherever you are. You can organize, discuss and track files. Revisions seem easier to manage and whenever a file is added, removed or replaced – this history is clearly visible for everyone working, with the possibility to revert unwanted changes.

It seems easy to keep everyone on the same page. You can assign tasks, attach files and discuss details by adding comments. You can get a simple overview without everyone being slowed down by status emails.

We look forward to this new tool helping us to improve our productivity while delivering a better product to our clients. (photos courtesy of Podio site)