We mentioned in a previous post that we had met the wonderful folks at Working Wardrobe and that they had invited us down to visit their facilities in Irvine and meet their CEO and Founder Jerri Rosen.

Working Wardrobes is a nonprofit organization that empowers men, women, veterans and young adults overcoming difficult challenges to confidently enter the workforce and achieve success. Each year, Working Wardrobes serves over 5,000 clients from a diverse spectrum of backgrounds such as struggling veterans, victims of alcohol and substance abuse, domestic violence, transitional homelessness and human trafficking.                          

Last week we took them up on their offer to visit and also asked them if we could use the opportunity to do a quick holiday video card for them. We thought it would be good for them and a way for us to give back as well. They thought it was a great idea so we planned a time that worked best for them at this busy time of year.

The Process

Working with Jerri and their PR person, Jennifer Lange of Get Splash Media, we roughed out an idea and a working script in four emails.

The staff put together the signs and the people for the video taping. All were briefed and prepared when we arrived.


Using a simple package; Panasonic Lumix camera, wireless mics and an LED lighting unit, we were able to do the video taping in 92 minutes. Two minutes longer than scheduled because Matt says I socialize to much. (it’s the holidays for goodness sakes.)

Jack McCartney and his colleagues took us around the facilities and set up the locations and the on-camera talent. Excellent job by them.

Jerri did her on camera like she does her scripts, efficiently and professionally. I made her do a second take but we didn’t need it. She was great!

On the drive back to Santa Monica, we started editing and by 7pm that evening we were able to post a first cut on Vimeo. The next morning, after we made some “tweaks” it was ready for posting.

What a great group of folks. We had so much fun. I think you will see it in the video – take a look and happy holidays…