...a continuing series of thoughts on why giving back is good for your business.

On Thursday we attended a Christmas event for Meeting Planners International of Orange County. As a new member, it was our first event and we met a lot of really nice people. One in particular was the charity organization Working Wardrobes. A great organization that is helping people get back into the workforce with a very unique model for how they are doing it. (no spoiler alert for how they are going about it, you have to discover for yourself.)

We got a chance to speak in-depth with Jack McCartney, an excellent person who is Manager of Training and Staff Development. We discussed ways we could help with some videos for their website as we thought the organization was a great concept for helping people get jobs.


Currently their site includes quotes from some of their clients. As you can see they are very well done.


We got into a discussion about producing videos and we both expressed some thoughts about the length of time it takes to get one done. Writing a script, getting approval; get the interviews and then approvals; editing the interviews and getting approvals; you know the routine. When you finally get finished, the subject doesn't seem relevant anymore or the information is old.

I told him about what we are doing with the organization PATH, which also helps people get their life back on track.

Essentially, instead of doing a 5-8 minute video with all sorts of topics to include and messages to cover, we do a series of short 1-2 minute videos posted weekly...

  • We take one issue that is most important and focus on that.
  • We then put together 3 or 4 questions on the subject and a tag line
  • Set up some interviews to video tape in one day
  • Edit the video in a couple of days
  • Show it to the boss and post it the same week
  • Don't obsess that it is perfect

Also, the simple approach means that eventually the in-house staff can learn the process as well.

We both agreed that this approach is better for both the organization and the production company. Take it from the younger generation... be short, be succinct, post often.

We look forward to the opportunity of helping Working Wardrobe and will keep you posted on our progress.