Why Charity work is good for your business - Random thoughts on why you should give back. 

 Charity projects develop creative ways to reduce cost while still accomplishing your vision.

Shooting our interviews on a shoestring.

Sooo…. How can we shoot our interviews inexpensively?  Our team was very creative in their approach.

In the past we have done straight-at-the-camera interviews by using different techniques. We have used a teleprompter and once we used a big mirrored rig that allowed you to stand next to the camera and your image was mirrored in front of the lens. A big ugly thing for interviewing travelers in an airport. Ugh.

For this we used the Panasonic GH-4 Still / 4k camera which gave us a much easier solution. By putting the camera right next to the interviewers chin, we could ask the questions and the answers looked like they are directed right back at the camera. The camera is small and unobtrusive and allows the interviewee to monitor the shot on the cameras LCD screen.

We also used all natural light to avoid a big lighting package. We just always looked for the window and then added some fill for the background when needed.

The crew worked pro bono and so enjoyed the experience of seeing the supportive housing people create such a wonderful community. Nothing bonds a team like giving back to a good cause. And PATH providing supportive housing to veterans and families throughout California is a great cause.

More to come…