Why Charity work is good for your business -

We are currently working on a short video for an LA charity we support. We have supported PATH for over thirty years. While editing the video Interviews this weekend, I was reflecting on how the relationship has benefitted us as well. So I said to myself, “self, why not jot some of those ideas down while I was going through the production process.”

So here are some random thoughts on why you should give back. (A spoiler alert, some reasons are selfish)

Developing the concept and script or how to get the creative juices flowing!

If you want to get your staff really motivated to come up with great creative ideas, nothing beats a pro bono project. You don’t have to worry about thinking outside the box because there are no rules and the charity usually loves your ideas no matter how crazy.  AND, coming with ways to solve problems is great for one’s imagination.

For this video we are trying to reach a younger audience so we came up with a short In-your-face approach to the interviews that is similar to the Beating Cancer commercials. The interviews are looking straight into camera. We also had them ask the audience a tough question.

More to come


Visit the  PATH website to learn more