So, we are always asked by the equipment companies “Why don’t we use LED instead of projection.” We always answer the same way…. LED is at least 50% more expensive… hard to hang… to heavy… lots of labor… to much time to install…

Our bread and butter is 300 to 1000 attendees in hotel ballrooms and video projection just works, its proven technology, its cost effective. So until they can overcome my issues, for my clients, no deal. 

Well our equipment partner Creative Technology went to their supplier with just those issues. And their response, well, all I can say is OH MY.

The answer is the new ROE 4mm Lightweight LED display. High resolution performance without the weight penalty. The CB4 weighs 50% less than a conventional 3.9mm display enabling it to be flown in venues with limited weight loading and it can be assembled quickly.

Here are the specs

  • Each Panel is 2ft high by 4ft wide.
  • A native High Definition image of 1920x1080 would be 15’9” high by 31’6” wide - perfect for a hotel ballroom with 18ft ceilings.
  • A screen 15’9” high by 31’6” size would only weigh approximately 1,400 lbs.

or 1400 lbs of bricks on a pallet

With the savings in labor, time and rigging the cost is only about 15% more than video projection. Now we're talking!

  • The panels can create a flat, concave or convex shape as well.

You can be sure we will be introducing the new technology to our clients in 2017