What do you add to a great rock and roll venue when it already comes with great sound and tons of lighting instruments? How about a ceiling over the audience of LED panels?

500 people, who will be attending a corporate awards dinner, will experience an overhead floating art exhibit. The LED panels will all be synched with video modules, light show, lasers and a live opening musical performance. It will also fill the environment with animated "fractals in nature" during dinner.

Designed by Matthew Goalen, the one hundred and forty LED tiles are light weight but with an 8.9mm pitch for a fairly, high resolution image. 

Hung from five, seventy foot lengths of truss, the entire rig will be ten feet off the floor when the audience arrives for cocktails around the outside areas of the dinner tables.

To signal the start of dinner, the truss will dramatically rise to a height of twenty-four feet and reveal our stage which will begin our opening laser violin musical performance.

For the awards portion of evening, the ceiling will provide video enhancement to the Winner Modules and ALL envelopes will be checked before the start of the evening.