We just finished the promotional video for the MPI yearly (We) Con Conference. We produced the video as a "work in kind" project to help them promote the conference in the future.

Working closely with project producer Joe Martin of BDI Events, we shot all the footage and stills over a three day schedule.

The interviews were shot using the Panasonic AF100 with Zeiss prime lenses. The Panasonic 4/3 chip allows for a nice, out of focus background look.

Stills were shot on the Panasonic GH-4 which is the same 4/3 format and can also use the Zeiss lenses.

We also augmented some b-roll footage using the Sony AX-1 4K Camera.

pic 3 (1).jpg

We were able to complete the editing in just seven working days on Adobe Premiere software.

Thanks to all the people who helped and gave us their time. Take a look...