We have been looking at AI in the meeting space and a recent article got me thinking.

Although it is very exciting, I wondered about our defense and high security customers. Over the years we have gotten used to their strict security at off-site meetings. Encrypted mics, highly secure networks, special encrypted computers for content playback, crew NDA’s and more have been standard operating procedures. Of course, any new idea that needed a special app to be downloaded to an employee’s device needed to be analyzed, reviewed and approved by the IT group. 

Remarkably though, we don’t get asked to supply the same precautions with other clients. With all the news going on today about hacking, should we be looking at how safe our off-site meetings are? Should we be taking a closer look at our mobile devices that use Bluetooth security?


Stop and think…

Your meeting content usually includes the CEO or president talking about big picture strategies and competitive analysis, the CFO showing very sensitive financials, other executives presenting marketing plans, sales projections and of course, new products.   


All your most sensitive company information gathered and presented in one place...

with cameras...

with wireless...

with memory sticks...

And yet, eyes glaze over when we discuss security with some clients, meeting planners and venue personnel. Ask yourself, how easy is it to walk into your meetings?



Over the next few months we are going to be analyzing new ideas for safer meetings and events. Review some of the tools we have learned from our experience of working with high security companies so that can be more easily implemented.

One that seems very important to us is your presentation content. We have added our own protocols like an on-site secure server and dedicated scrubbed show computers, but I am curious what others are doing. Hopefully, we can get a discussion going about concerns and solutions.



With all the news about spying, hacking and ransomware, we need to more mindful than ever. Especially with first time 3rd party suppliers and brand new apps.

What are you doing?