Rising Corporate Event Venue in Los Angeles



Finding the right amount of space for your event can be tough depending on the size of your audience.  Hotel ballrooms can be too small with inadequate power and rigging capabilities and convention centers can be to large with a trade show appearance. 

This article will highlight a new venue in Downtown Los Angeles that might just be perfect for your next corporate meeting space. 

 The Intercontinental Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles is just over a year old and towers over the Los Angeles skyline.  Having multiple ballrooms and over 30 breakout rooms, this hotel was designed with corporate meetings in mind. 


 The ballroom stretches 208’ feet and can be partitioned into three smaller rooms with airwalls.  Beautiful sweeping glass chandeliers hang from the ceiling and dark wood panels line the walls.  They have designed their main ballroom with over 80 rigging points, 600 amps of 3 phase power and 18’ high ceiling.  With an modern and upscale appearance, you will not need to cover any unattractive eye sores with black drape.  The ballroom can comfortably seat upwards of 500 guests with room for audio and video entertainment.  

 In conclusion, the Intercontinental Hotel is a perfect venue for your next corporate meeting.  Goalen Group is looking forward to staging their first event in May of 2019 at this beautiful venue.